Our Summer bucket list

I often ask my children what they would like to do in the school holidays and we put together a little list.

PicMonkey Collage

This Summer is probably going to be the most activity packed yet! The boys are growing up fast 6 and 4 years, with them both being at school full time in September I feel we need to make the most of our time.

  1. Go Camping – We did this last Summer so they are super keen. We just camped out in a friends field. It was midge ridden but perfect.
  2. Ride our bikes – We are lucky to live near an old railway line running from Whitby to Scarborough, we may get as far as Robin Hoods Bay.
  3. Paddling pool – That was today and yesterday! I just got dried out!
  4. Have a beach day – I’m looking for ideas on beach activities if you have any.
  5. Hunt Pokemon – My suggestion! This should take us on a few walks in our local area.
  6. Visit the library – My 6 year old knows all about the library after a visit at school. He’s keen to visit and choose some books for his reading challenge.
  7. Summer reading challenge – see above.
  8. Whitby Regatta – We are looking forward to the fairground rides and the epic fireworks. Shame the Red Arrows won’t be on this year.
  9. Swimming pool – Hoping there’s some fun sessions at our local pool.
  10. Ride pony/motorbike – My youngest loves looking after and riding his pony ‘Billy’. My big boy loves anything with two wheels but I’m glad they are developing their own interests and personalities.

Looks like we are going to be very busy! I’m sad they didn’t mention playing with play dough, drawing or baking but I’ll make sure we get around to those things too.

It will still be business as usual at The Dotty Dough Factory with the Not On The High Street sale ending soon and new products in the pipeline. I’m going to be writing a must do list of business related tasks that I must do and anything I can get done will be a bonus.

I would love to hear from you and what you are getting up to this Summer. How do you balance work and play?

Lezah x

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