Simple Valentines Card

I really love this simple Valentines card idea, which is quick and easy to make with your little ones. It’s always nice to include your little ones’ hand prints in crafty projects as you get a little record with a time stamp of just how small they were.

valens card.jpg

Taking this one simple idea I’m going to show you two ways to make a keepsake Valentine card, which is perfect for Daddy!

What you need to make the simple cut out card.

  • Two pairs of hands! (including your own)
  • Pen/pencil
  • Coloured paper, we think red looks best.
  • Scissors
  • White A4 card
  • Glue


Method: Place little hands in a heart shape on the paper and  draw around. Cut out and glue onto the card. Add a special message and don’t forget to include the date!

Painted hand prints card

The same method applies for making this card, although we struggled to get the painty hand prints lined up on the folded card (Mr big hands!)



I hope you have fun trying out these quick and easy card ideas. Let me know how you get on. Follow me on Pinterest for more crafty ideas.


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