Halloween sensory play

– In the tuff tray with play dough

Recently I was invited to Sleights Toddler Group to hold a pop up shop and set up an invitation to play. I put together a Halloween themed sensory explosion perfect for ages 3+ and younger ones with adult supervision.

The key ingredients were Black and Orange Dotty Dough and dried beans/pulses. I used dried black beans (available in Sainsbury’s – everybody asked) and orange lentils.

Rolling pins, Halloween themed cutters and more dough tools extend playtime.

Photo 19-10-2017, 09 29 49

The lentils were great for making a warty pumpkin, the black beans made excellent spider eyes and we combined them both to make pumpkin faces.


The littlest tots enjoyed exploring all the textures.

I’ve got to tell you I was surprised and impressed at how well the beans and lentils stayed in the tray (well done toddlers!) At home you may be OK with a tea tray – don’t quote me on that!


Next time I get the opportunity for some Halloween play I’ll be combining lime green Dotty Dough with green lentils and making some warty witches. Popping corn and rice would also make great additions.

Just a note – adding beans, seeds, lentils etc may decrease the lifespan of your dough.

Thank you for ready and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Lezah x

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