Make your own Kool Dough

It’s really fun and easy to make your own Kool-Aid play dough and here’s how…

Let me begin by explaining what Kool-Aid is if you don’t already know. Kool-Aid is a flavoured drink mix from the U.S.A. It has been around since 1927 – thank Wikipedia for the info! The brilliant thing about Kool-Aid is that it will colour  your dough without the need for messy food colouring and also give your dough a nice scent to add to your little ones’ sensory experience.

Making your own dough is a grown up lead activity but it is also good to involve your children too, who can learn so much from this process. It is an easy no cook recipe to which you will need to add oil and very hot water. So please do take care with the hot water.

Equipment you need-

  • Large bowl
  • kitchen scales
  • Mixing spoon (note a wooden spoon may get stained so use a metal one if that is going to be a problem)
  • Measuring spoon (tbsp)
  • Measuring jug (ml)

Ingredients you need-

  • 200g Plain flour
  • 200g salt
  • 1 package of Kool-aid
  • 1 table spoon of oil (any cooking oil)
  • 150ml of freshly boiled hot water
Ingredients required (plus boiling water)

So lets roll our sleeves up and get stuck in!  First you need to empty the dry ingredients into the bowl. A great way to explore and learn about weighing and measuring with your little one.

Combine the dry ingredients

Add the 150ml of very hot water to the dry mixture and as if by magic – you make pink! (or whatever colour your kool-aid package is) Now before you mix and this is VERY important add the table spoon of oil into the pool of water. If the oil touches the flour first you could get lumps and we don’t like lumpy play dough do we? < top tip

Add the liquid

Next you need to mix until combined, it will look like the pic.

Mix well

Once combined you will need to get your hand in and start kneading (providing it isn’t too hot to touch) until its nice and smooth.

Let the kneading commence


Congratulations you have made your own dough! You need to allow the dough to cool before it’s played with or before its stored in the tub.

Your finished kool dough

So which scent will you make?

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