My thoughts on slime

This week the news has seen safety warnings over slime toys. If you are a parent or carer to a slime loving child I urge you to take a read. Click here.

Before the news broke on the Which? findings for several slime products on the market my thoughts were – It’s not something I’ve experimented with, perfected or had CE tested. Of course it would be cool but Dotty Dough is cooler!

These headlines on the news got me thinking about what is so great about Dotty Dough and on the whole all homemade playdough recipes. Made from all edible non-toxic ingredients – Side note here, your child really shouldn’t be eating playdough and consuming high levels of salt can be dangerous (this goes for pets too).

I’m fully open to sharing the ingredients in my recipe, they are printed on the label as per requirements!

Ingredients in Dotty Dough: Wheat flour, Water, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Cream of Tartar, Food colouring. Glittery dough contains non-toxic glitter.

Not only am I armed with the knowledge that these are safe non-toxic ingredients, I’m armed with a CE test [CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area]. A testing house tests for among other things heavy metals and chemicals such as boron in the product. Unbelievable that some of the slime products taken off sale contained four times the limit of this chemical. I think it could be a case of the manufacturers changing the recipe after testing if tested at all. For myself continuity is a huge part of making Dotty Dough for sale. 

Of course I am no expert on chemical testing in toys, I worked with trading standards to get my Dotty Dough on the market. It was a slow but positive experience. They helped me develop labeling and packaging that conformed to safety standards. Recording of batches and samples is also a big part of quality control.

My thoughts on slime now? If big companies can’t get it right then that is a big worry, parents be careful, do your research and stick to what you know. I’m always happy to answer your questions on any of the dough I make or tools I stock. want to know more about how to get the best out of your Dotty Dough? Read our information page.


Thank you for reading such a wordy post.

Lezah x

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