Joining #ColourMyEveryDay

Colour My Every Day is an Instagram challenge created by Adventures & Tea Parties to help discover and celebrate colour every day. This is right up my street as you know I love colour everyday at The Dotty Dough Factory.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this week sharing my images and exploring the hashtag.  Discovering many like minded colour lovers – exactly as intended.

I wanted to share and record my week of colour my every day. The challenge began on the 19th August, I’m a little late publishing this post – oops!

1. Favourite

It’s hard to choose favourites but pastels are usually popular in Summer in a rainbow formation of course.

2. Outdoors

Taking a break outdoors, on the swing because I’m a kid. In colourfull kicks as always.

3. Combination

I love the colour combinations that my work at The Dotty Dough Factory allows me to play with everyday.

4. Object

A happy little stamper and a great pop of contrasting colour.

5. Pattern

I’m very proud to have our very own pattern, commissioned and created when I rebranded.

6. Handmade

It’s all about handmade around here and rainbows too!

7. Recommend a colour lover. While I didn’t get around to posting this on Instagram (life happened) I’d like to recommend a few colour lovers right now.



Colour Me Fun – A colour lover who is totally on my wave length.





Oh My Cakery  A colour loving page with cake to boot!




Color Made Happy This page has been making me color happy with their colourfull crafts for a long time now.



Finally I’d like to thank of Adventures & Tea Parties for putting together her wonderful Instagram challenge. I’ve connected with many more colourfull accounts and picked up a few new hashtags too

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