Play Dough Maths

Hello and thank you for joining me for my first post of 2016 and first post in almost 6 months (it’s been a hectic!)

We got busy with our number cutters and I want to share how we made learning fun.

Photo 30-10-2014 10 27 28
Number cutters are available in my Etsy shop 
Photo 30-10-2014 10 32 16
Getting busy! 

I cut out lots of numbers and made up sums for Mr5 sticking to addition this time. With the same coloured dough little guy rolled out the correct number of balls, counting as he went. This made coming up with the answer easy and lots of fun. Photo 12-10-2015 13 37 58

Hope we have inspired you, thanks for reading. Lezah x

I made cake!

And not just any old cake.

August 2015 marks three years since The Dotty Dough Factory began so in celebration I thought cake was apt (any excuse for cake, yeah?) I also made a cheeky purchase of some rainbow pompom bunting – it’s fab.  Above is how I imagined the cake should look, if  The Dotty Dough Factory made cakes it would look like this, maybe a pop of colour  was needed too, hmm.


After lots of research, thought and new 6″ cake tin this is how it turned out. I’m pretty pleased with it too. I’m not saying I invented this method of baking spotty cakes and I’m sure you have all seen them before on Pinterest and Facebook.  I took a few pics along the way to prove I made it all myself so I may as well show you how it’s done.

First the spots which are made in a cake pop mould, like so. I chose Orange, Lime, Turquoise and Purple for mine.

  Photo 23-08-2015 11 54 39Photo 23-08-2015 11 46 16Photo 23-08-2015 11 53 40

Now to mix the cake as usual adding the cooked cake pops to the mixture in the cake tin. (The damp towel is get a flat sponge not too browned on the sides)

Photo 23-08-2015 13 46 11First sponge done, phew!

Photo 23-08-2015 13 51 27Here is how it turned out with jam, butter cream, icing and smarties added.

Photo 23-08-2015 15 41 34Happy Birthday Dotty Dough Factory!! Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll try and help!

What we get up to

Hope you are all having a fun-filled holiday. Yesterday was the first rainy day in a while – Boo. So we had a play dough day – Yay! {Please note play dough isn’t just for rainy days 😉 }

I thought I would share what we (when I say we I mean Mr 5) get up to with our Dotty Dough and I’m also interested to know what your little ones get up to with theirs.

This is lime green dough with very pretty gold glitter (don’t know if it shows on the pic) I made this dough back in March and it’s still good. I usually say dough will last 6 months plus depending on what happens to it. This is approximately 10oz of dough if you were wondering.

First we roll it flat, yes VERY flat!

Dotty DoughThe next step almost always involves something with wheels.

Photo 19-08-2015 10 39 46

Like so. This time it was a field, we also build race tracks and construction sites. This was monster truck racing also created by Mr 5.


So is it just my boys that do this? I’m interested to know what your children love to do with their play dough, please pop me a comment below.

Where I Work

Today’s Fat Mum Slim photo a day prompt  ‘Where I work’ got me thinking that this would be a great opportunity to give you a little insight to The Dotty Dough Factory on my Instagram and even better a blog. So here goes…

Firstly let me explain photo a day. Created by Aussie blogger Chantelle you simply check the photo a day list for the daily prompt , use your phone or camera to take a photo using the prompt as inspiration then upload the photo to Instagram using the hashtag #FMSphotoaday. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look here!

Each day Chantelle picks her fab four to feature on Instagram, once I was lucky enough to be chosen with this pic (bottom left)

Photo 26-04-2014 09 32 08

Photo 14-04-2015 13 29 58 (1)

Okay, let me show you where I work and tell you all about it. Honestly it’s not as boring as this picture makes out and I promise I didn’t tidy one bit before taking the pics.  The Dotty Dough Factory’s current home is a static caravan which allows me to keep everything all in one place. This is my view from where I spend most of my time standing to work.

anotated picStarting from top to bottom, we have the very important batch numbers book where every batch of dough I make is recorded with a date and any notes, samples are kept in a big box. Other stuff on that shelf includes business cards and thank you cards along with customs labels which are always easier to fill out before getting to the post office. On the clip boards are my current orders and party pots which are going out today. My to do list is a weekly plan of what and how many packs required each day. Then there’s just a bit of mess, I like to call it creative mess and to be honest it’s not as bad as usual! In the drawers are ribbons believe it or not, I keep whole rolls of ribbon is the drawer so I can pull out the colours I need and cut them in one go it’s a huge time saver.  The box stash is some smaller postage boxes many of them are reused. All this is housed on my home made desk, just drawers, shelves and a top – perfecto!

Here’s a quick peek at some other areas of my work room.

Photo 14-04-2015 13 27 18 (1)I love this trolley from Ikea, it really is super handy and packed with my essentials.

Photo 14-04-2015 13 28 33

Apologies for the poor pics (North facing) I use the whiteboard to note advance orders and that kind of thing. This is the ever growing washi stash, it’s pretty paper tape and I just can’t help myself.

Photo 14-04-2015 13 27 54 (1)A tad more mess (oops!) and this is where I store some of my stock. I nicked ‘borrowed’ the rack from the kiddies’ play room.

I hope you have enjoyed a peep at The Dotty Dough Factory’s HQ if you have any questions please feel free to ask below.

Welcome to our new site

I am so happy so see you here and welcome you to my new blog. I have many posts, snippets and insights I wish to share with you if you have any suggestions or requests for possible subjects please let me know. In the mean time please feel free to say hi, introduce yourself – do you have your own blog? I’d love to look around and get to know you.